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I'm sure this thread will be widely criticized but, I can't tell you how many fashion items I was this close to purchasing until I saw Jackie wearing them.  I mean, if you're going to use plus size models, please put them in plus size clothes, instead of squeezing them into sizes and fashions that are so unbecoming it ruins it for the rest of us.  I constantly see her in items that either don't close or even come close to fitting, or in multi layered items that show every bump and lump.  When I see this, I lose my enthusiasum to purchase.

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Re: Jackie modeling clothes

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@Secretariat1 ITA.  I wear a size 2 or 4 and it's a total turnoff for me.

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Jackie is so pretty and I just cringe when I see what they have her wear.



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I think Jackie is pretty much always dressed less attractively than the other models. They put her in stripes or too many ruffles and pants that clash with the tops. Poor stylists.

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Jackie is beautiful.  And she looks beautiful in the right clothes.  

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You're right . . . I've noticed this too - the size Jackie is trying to model is obviously too small for her.   

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Sometimes they also have her in items too big -  it just shows that QVC sizing is all over the place!

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@Ibby114 wrote:

Sometimes they also have her in items too big -  it just shows that QVC sizing is all over the place!

I don't recall having ever seen her in clothing that was too big.  Plenty of times in clothing too small.  I don't think Q's clothing is more inconsistent than any other retailer's.

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If you're a size 2 or 4, it shouldn't be a turn off.  There is no comparing yourself with someone that is 5'9 and a size 16. (Actually, they sometimes put her in a 14. These are Q size 14s, which are humungous. Even the 12s are big. Vanity sizing.  But Jackie is a very pretty lady.


Here's the thing: she is a plus size model who really isnt plus size. They don't use 3x size women, understand? If you're not going to be there to try on the clothes, the best Q can do is present a variety of sizing.


I have a curvy body and I am glad that they show Jackie. That way I don't buy something that looks frumpy or ugly on a curvy body. Money saved! There are other places to shop, after all.

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Jackie is taller than average and they usually say she wears a 14.  She is one of the few models that even comes close to the average size woman.  I look at her to try and judge for myself.  I am 5' 4" and XL.  It used to be if it was tight on her and I could guess the length per charts I could be safe by sizing up 1 size.  That is no longer true.  That is also because sizing is so inconsistent and not true to charts.  You can buy 2 identical pieces that are different colors and they have different measurements.  I seldom buy any more but do trust Louis and Issac.  I have many of their pieces.  They last a long time so my purchases from them are down only because I am retired thus not needing much.  If I watch their shows I know I am in trouble.  I often see something different  and I buy.