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Up front I do not buy clothes from QVC and now their tops for 45-60 Dollars I just do not want to spend that amount of money and rather try on tops etc since manufacturers sizing is so different.  My one pet peeve is all the models when wearing jackets they can never close them in the front always looks they are wearing at least one size too small some of their jean jackets are cute and will say cannot find the variety in the stores maybe that is why I do not own any..

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I imagine the jackets seem small is so they will part in front so you can see the top they're wearing.


Skimpy is never a good look!

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Models and hosts not wearing correct sizes is a BIG topic here.  


I think one of the reviews I read will stick with me forever.  She said, she couldn't button the jacket, but that's OK because she never buttons them anyway.  Then went on to complain how it was so tight across the shoulders and upper arms when she put her arms out in front of her.  She couldn't understand why HER normal size didn't fit her.  


It's obvious, this jacket was too small for her and she should go up a size or two even if the shoulders and upper arms fit.  It's too small if it can't be buttoned.


It's not only hosts and models, it appears customers aren't wearing the right sizes either.  

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For some people wearing a jacket, blazer, coat open is a style choice.

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@Etoile308 wrote:

For some people wearing a jacket, blazer, coat open is a style choice.



I agree and when I wore blazers every day for work with skirts, pants and jeans I never buttoned them.  However, I always wore the correct size and could fully button them if I chose to.

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What difference does it make if you don't and buy QVC clothing???

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I never close a jacket or coat. The only coat I sometimes close is my winter coat, and it has to be really cold. All my clothes fit properly, I just do not like the look.

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@jezzie    Why should you even care if QVC's models can button their jackets if you're not interested in buying them anyway?    Seems like a moot point and petty complaint under the circumstances.

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Re: Jackets and Tops

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I'm getting annoyed with some of these tops, with beautiful ruffles on the bottom edge, being made so huge (at the bottom) that they look like maternity tops on me!

They fit in the shoulders and bust, then balloon out to be so huge - why?  I love Lori Goldstein's designs, but have returned several of them due to their 'tent-like' appearance.

And it's difficult to judge the proper size to order, Amy being so tiny and wearing XXS, and their model 'Jackie' wearing XL, and looking much too tight on her anyway.

Hoping that one of these days they'll actually include a Size Medium model, so I can figure out if it's for me or not!  LOL!


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@Etoile308 wrote:

For some people wearing a jacket, blazer, coat open is a style choice.


Some are not meant to be buttoned.  I have a Karl Lagerfeld that does not have buttons and does not meet but the shoulders are fine.  Might be 1/4 inch too long but not enough anyone notices but the sleeves are bracelet length and meant to be.  But if it is a buttonfront, I expect to be able to button it while the shoudlers fit within reasonable range.