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Does anyone know the item # for the jacket on the set behind the sofa?  Can't find it on the website.

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I saw it when Lori was on at midnight I think it was.  Anyway it wasn’t presented for hours but as soon as I saw it, I looked it up and bought it.  I got it in the Navy color.


You’re talking about the jacket on the mannequin. Right?  If it’s the same one I bought it’s corduroy.


I might have to send it back because I’m long waisted and it’s already short.


But stay tuned if you missed out.  I’m a chub size so a chub who missed out might get it.  All I do is try clothes on for 1 second then send it back.



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Re: Jacket on set tonight

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A366378 Is the correct item number. Already own in black and now considering ordering the red jacket. So many wonderful highlights, nylon scrumptious, and luxe hardware, travels well. True to size, follow garment measurements.


QVC honors price adjustments within thirty days received mine last night loved the jacket before the sale price. This makes it even more wonderful.