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Thank you to the QVC ladies who posted the JJILL tops, I never shop there, did not think it was my style. Well, I bought the 2 items the ladies posted, and a scarf to match. 20% off all purchases, plus, 10% if you open a charge.

QVC ladies are very generous too share this information.

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I think you'll be very happy with the quality of the items too.

You'll always get 5% off when you use your credit card. They have end of season or off season sales - 30% off everything - including sale prices. That is usually paired with free shipping over $100.

I got fantastic capris and t shirts for my annual FLA trip...$14 or so for the pants - $8 for the tops. I bought them in February in the outlet section of their website.

They aren't afraid to offer deals - unlike QVC!

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I bought this top in white and black I loved it that much. I got a scarf too...and another top. I love JJill ....

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Love j Jill. It is mostly what I wear. I have tops that are 3 years old that still look new. Their classic styles are well done.
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I bought the same top (plus 8 other items) in black!!!