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they sent me a incentive coupon (ours closed in our area so it's 45 min drive to closest one) for $10 off $10 purchase. Figured it was a  warm Sunday so I'd get some fresh air and walk around our outdoor mall.


I needed a little something to include with a few cash gifts . Anyway, most of the "winter" clothing was 60% off with additional 25% off. I bought a nice shawl button cardigan, 2 turtlenecks, fleece jacket, and pair of earrings. Total: $29.31


Wow that was a true savings and not "picked over". Thought I'd share as they had almost the entire St. John Bay clothing for misses 60% off.

the kids department had the same for their brand no pjs for GD size.


Great prices to help stay in budget for Christmas. Love these bargains! I'm thinking of heading back there as I have 3 birthdays coming up after the holiday and know their styles.

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@homedecor1Good haul!  As a snowbird, I need almost nothing winter.    Hope JCP has some good spring sales soon after the holidays -  maybe I'll decide it's worth the drive -  also 45 minutes for me, but at least there's also a Dillards and a small Nordstrom in the same mall, so if JCP is bad, I can walk elsewhere.


I did hear analysts saying some of the biggest discounts in the next few weeks would be JCP and Kohls -  they're both struggling big time apparently.

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I really like JCP, have shopped there for years and plan to continue. Prices are reasonable, especially with sales, coupon codes, etc. I usually shop online. It's also 45 minutes for me.
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I have always liked JCP for their clothing-- it holds up well and their main lines-- Worthington and St. John's Bay are two of their most popular lines that are reasonably priced even before you add in discounts and coupons.

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What a great deal!


I like JCP, too. Some nice lines at great prices. Love their sales. 

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You did GREAT!  I went into Pennys today and it was filled with shoppers, something we haven't seen at our little Mall in forever!  It's good to see the buyers coming back and the sales today were great~!  I could have done a lot of damage but today I only needed a pair of Navy Slacks.... got them!  Woman LOL

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JCP has been my go to place for over 30 years.  They knocked it out of the park for talls this year !

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DDand I spent the afternoon at JCP...did great. Coat,sweaters,socks,tops jewelry,tights.  Did great for all ages in my family. I love the way the adult and children's clothing is displayed.  You can actually LOOK at something.  Kohls has their stuff so jam-packed you can hardly take something off of a rack. Love JCP!

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we attempted to shop at Kohls today everything was a mess and lines to check out were 10-20 minutes. Then again, I only wanted 2 pairs of their ladies pj's good sale w/25% off. We left!


Went to our close Kohls just now, store empty but not a lot of selections left on shelves (size wise). I went to get kids clothes and pj's I had trouble finding anything and I couldn't find the sizes in the piles.  Came out with nothing.


But, can't beat those JCP prices! Of course, the shorts and bathing suits are already out (in FL store) and all those winter clothes need to go I'm sure!