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@lolakimono wrote:

I can only surmise this woman is on her way to the salon to have her hair colored.  😯😉

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I agree that the styles/colors are somewhat bazaar. The sweaters and tees over the last few years have gone up in price and down in quality. I'm seeing the same problem with Banana Republic which used to be my favorite store for basics. Everything eventually gets marks down to 50% off, but it's the lack of lasting quality that still keeps me from purchasing. 


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@handygal2 wrote:

J. Crew has been one of my favorite clothing retailers until recently. Now l rarely find something there that l want to buy. I see l'm not alone.


Their problems are explained and illustrated in this interesting article:

I agree, @handygal2! I used to love J Crew. Their clothing has become odd and expensive.

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Did you see this? LOL!

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I own so many of their statement necklaces and a few pairs of earrings.  I also own a few shirts.  


I love their jewelry--or at least a lot of it!

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@lolakimono: Oh my goodness-- that's quite a ski outfit!  Woman Surprised  Woman LOL

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I have purchased a few cashmere sweaters at really good prices when they had a sale but rarely pay full price there. I do buy a lot for my son and husband there. They have a nice selection of pants and sweaters and my husband got a sportscoat recently that really was beautifully made.


Sorry to hear they aren't doing well because of retailers like Zara. Zara's quality is questionable at times. Seams with hanging threads, lots of rayon that shrinks or needs to be dry cleaned..... H and M....I guess you could say that throw away fashion is on the rise in retail.