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J Brand ! Not AG! Oops Sorry Glad you like them though

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It's listed as a cigarette jean.  But looks more like a slim.  But that's nitpicking.  It's cute.


  • Cigarette
  • Mid-Rise
  • 9-Inch Rise
  • 30-Inch Inseam
  • 12.25-Inch Leg Opening
  • Rigid Look Comfort Stretch Denim
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Made and Designed in USA

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@Songbird1   You are a jean connoisseur. You must own a warehouse full of jeans!Smiley Wink

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Love these.  It's good to find jeans without a very high rise.  I don't need any more jeans but I might just have to check these out.  The light denim is my favorite. 

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Nice. I can no longer wear mid-rise, though.  I agree with @Pook -- I like the lighter washes. The colors are so pretty. 

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AG jeans are my favorite. I have many of the stilt cigarette jeans. They are not as slim as the picture, just letting you know. They are certainly not a wide leg, but not skinny. There is room down there. In fact, in the winter when I wear boots with mine they tend to bunch up at the boot line. That being said, I am petite, and their mid rise fits me the best of any jean. 

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Oh me bad!!!!  The brand is I J. Brand!  Not AG.  LOL.  I wondered about that.  They didn't look like AG jeans.  Embarrassing!   Any way the full name of the jeans is:  


Maude Mid-rise Cigarette in Stratosphere   and yes...It' from J Brand.  


I saw some AG jeans this morning, and I got an email from J Brand.  LOL.  Got them mixed up.  I like to pride myself on recognizing brand names of jeans.  They didn't look like AG jeans to me... I double checked and yes, they re from J. Brand.  I'm a fan of both.  But there are differences between them.


Here is the model.  Like the shirt too