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Re: Isaac's lace dress~is it the very same one that...

On 3/26/2015 julsinmd said:
On 3/25/2015 Jloo62 said:

Yes, I was at Sam's Club yesterday and it was the EXACT same TSV as last week for $19.99!!!! WOW....I hesitated and didn't buy the TSV and now I'm soooo glad I didn't---got the black and white one yesterday for $39.98! Can you say SO PSYCHED!~

It's definitely Isaac Mizrahi---same little "do dad" that he uses as his designer sign and everything. List on the dress was $99.


Hi, as others who have seen both dresses have stated and as i've posted in another thread, these are two totally different dress. When I read that the same dress was at the store, I immediately went to check it out myself. It didn't even look the same as the one on QVC. I then felt comfortable ordering the TSV dress and when it came, it was even better than I expected. After seeing both, the only similarity is that it's made by IM. The lace is completely different, the weight of the materials used, the shape, the neckline shape and banding, hem double banding and detail, etc... in other words, it's a completely different dress. I'm glad that you're glad about your dresses. I just wanted this to be clear for those who are thinking about buying the dress on QVC or are wondering if they needlessly paid more for the same dress. I don't usually post but I couldn't stay silent on this one. If anyone is interested in seeing the store dress, there are a couple on ebay. Just look up Isaac Mizrahi circle lace dress. Hope that clarifies things.

I have the TSV dress in black. Was at Sam's today and you are very right. There is absolutely no comparison between the two dresses. The Sam's version, is thin, fitted, looks like a Jr dress. If you want to pay less and want this version, great. But for anyone to say these dresses are the same is misleading. Believe me, had it been the same as the black one I ordered the dress would be on the way back to QVC. NO comparison.

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Re: Isaac's lace dress~is it the very same one that...

On 3/24/2015 Chrystaltree said:
On 3/24/2015 cottage~in~the~valley said:
On 3/24/2015 Chrystaltree said:

..someome should let Isaac know that some company is putting out knockoffs under his name.

The dress has an Isaac Mizrahi label sewn into it. The quality is very nice as well. Sam's has had several other Isaac pieces for sale in the past ~though none appeared to be similar to the ones for sale here at QVC.

Knock offs always have a well know designer label. That's the whole point. You have to use some common sense with stuff like that. If indeed those $20 dresses in a big box wharehouse store have have the Isaac Mizrahi label, they must be knockoffs. He wouldn't cheapen his brand like that and he wouldn't complete with his QVC merchandise. Not to mention the legal ramifcations with QVC.

Sam's Club and Costco have buyers who know their labels and sources very well. They also understand the ramifications of accidentally buying fakes and reselling them!!! The likelihood that these are counterfeits are 0 to none.

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