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Re: Isaac's 24/7 pants

@historyteacher33  When I saw your moniker and post I had to tell you how much I admire teachers.


I've had many friends over the years who were teachers.  Many of them taught my daughters.  I saw and learned first hand what it's like to be a teacher.  Most of them retired earlier than they had to because they didn't like some of the changes that were expected of them.


I used to wear Isaac's different colored 24/7 but last year I started wearing just the navy and black and white.


Like I said (boo hoo) I gained weight this past summer (right in my belly) so many of the colored one's don't fit anyway.  (I had to go up a size).


I just bought (in one size bigger) some more of his colored pants.  


I love, love color.  I hate (more than I love color) black.  I wear it sometimes (on top) but I don't like it.


People tell me "You don't look 72".  I say, "Heredity and mostly because I 'paint it up"".  They think I'm kidding, I'm not.  Between the brightly colored clothes and the makeup, anyone would look (maybe better?).  


I think colors makes a person feel good.  How about any of you guys?

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Re: Isaac's 24/7 pants

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Awww thank you so much @Annabellethecat.  I do love teaching and it’s nice to hear compliments.


 I’m very lucky to have a job that I enjoy. I also love colors.  The last Isaac TSV I got the cobalt set which was awesome and the iris one. I love his yellows too!  Last year I went to one of his cabaret shows and wore the brightest Isaac I had!  But better than the cabaret show, he gave a talk at the MFA which was so engrossing. He really came across as so knowledgeable, thoughtful and intelligent. I could have listened to him speak for hours!  Sorry I digressed.


Anyway I am sorry about your weight gain. I gained after cancer treatment and finally had to embrace the size I am now. I still walk a lot but fighting the medication and menopause is not easy. That’s why I love QVC. I can get pretty clothes. I find it difficult in brick and mortar stores, nit to mention the limited plus size selection. At least at the Q there is a variety.  


Thank you again for the lovely words.