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Did any of you pre order the upcoming Isaac TSV 24/7 jeans?  I ordered 2 pairs.  I hope they're not a flop!

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I did. Just received mine this past week. I ordered the dark denim, in tall length. They fit very nice, may order a second pair. 

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I'm thinking of these for my Mom, she's 81 so I'm just concerned with any difficulty getting them up and down. As in bathroom.


She wears a petite and her ideal inseam is 28. Most of her pants are floods on her because it seems tough to find that inseam on a petite. I know this tsv is a 29, so maybe she could cuff them or have them shortened. I don't know about the sizing, have never owned Isaac pants. She is an 8 petite but those can get snug if she gains a few pound(she fluctuates from 116-120 right now). So I'm afraid an 8 would be snug to get up and down since they are pull on with no zipper. I'd have to get 8 and 10 and pay the ridiculous return fee.


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I have these and I love them.  I don't think you'll be sorry.

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Did you all order your normal size?  I see that he has a different 24/7Jean that looks a lot like these that are the TSV? They are a new item, aren't they? 


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@Jayhawk - I ordered up a size. When I checked the measurements against my regular 24/7 pants, they were different. I don't like to wear them tight, but I don't have any of his other 24/7 jeans. So I'm not sure I did the right thing. We'll see when they come. I hope they work! Smiley Happy

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I have not been disappointed with Isaac's line, so yes, I do plan to order these

pants.  I am still deciding on the color, but I won't miss these for sure.


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Love Issac's pants, but, sadly, I can only wear his ankle pants because they are a 28" length vs a 29" inseam on his petite pants. I wish there was a way to ask him to consider shortening his petite pants to a 27 1/2", or 28" length instead. Many petite ladies are not a 29" inseam. That's why we are petite! Any suggestions for how to get this request to him, or Jackie, his QVC on air assistant? Sounds like your mom would benefit from this request, as well. Hemming a pain in the neck and can be costly...

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Changed my mind ordering, Don't like back elastic. In the past tried pants with that style bulky. The back pockets look huge. Good luck!
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How do these run? True to the size chart or????? And, are they super stretchy or not?