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Re: Isaac Mizrahzi & Selma Blair

Didn't Denim and Company do this first?

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Re: Isaac Mizrahzi & Selma Blair

I imagine that there will be many more lines doing "adaptive" clothing. And maybe they will charge more than the sweater or jacket or pull on pants that already has no buttons or any type of closure. They just aren't called adaptive.


I can think of many more things that could make something adaptive like velcro on the shoulder or arms so you don't have to pull over head and could use one hand-stuff like that.

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Re: Isaac Mizrahzi & Selma Blair

I loved the show and the clothes and the models and the sleepy cute dog. It was very entertaining to watch. It was pure chaos, lol! But that just made it more fun. Selma is new to live TV and the ways of QVC, but I hope we see her more often and she will surely get better over time. The biggest problem was they were all talking at the same time and it was hard to hear anyone. Also if you are going to show any fine details of clothing and want the cameras to zoom in, you have to hold still. Amy was patient and great at trying to herd those cats (and dogs). I loved the jackets and probably would have bought one but they were a little too pricey and sold out fast. Can't wait till their next show. I would love more shows with Hollywood stars, if they could avoid high Hollywood prices. Maybe in the future they could have a show where some of the profits go to MS research?