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Hello Isaac.  Quite a few years ago you designed some wonderful women's flannel pjs for QVC.  The button up shirt for this set was a marvelous low hip length.  I regretfully only bought one pair...a dark green and black plaid with a contrast yellow accent.  I am still laundering and wearing these during our cold Midwest winters.  Even though they are starting to look a little sad, I just can't give them up.  Please consider designing more flannel pajamas like these for QVC.  Thank you so much for your attention.

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I have two pairs of his PJ's and I love them.  I have a peach colored checkered and even older is a red plaid bottoms and the white top has a picture of his dog on the front, I think it's name is or was Henry.  Excellent quality and they do just wear and wear!  So comfortable and nice soft cotton.  

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@pattyjack Doubtful that vendors read these forums. Post to him on his FB page.

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@pattyjack  Isaac will not read this thread.  Reach him on Facebook.