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Re: Isaac Mizrahi X Selma Blair

Kudos to QVC, Selma, Isaac and Amy for this interesting and enjoyable program. I'm happy to see QVC using their platform in a way that includes the often overlooked disabled community which encompasses a broad spectrum of people and conditions.


After decades of having QVC as a relaxing, enjoyable background in my home, I made the decision this year to drastically curtail my viewing and buying habits. I realized the station had transformed into something that no longer works for me. I still peruse online and watch my fashion shows depending on the host.


Anyway, I like to give credit where it is do, so thank you QVC. I hope you can find other ways to use your influence in a helpful, creative way.


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Re: Isaac Mizrahi X Selma Blair

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Perused the line on the Q. I def applaude their real true accessibility pieces, so helpful for less abled folks-

But most of the pieces are just basic garments, no accessibility features-

There is one adorable sweater I am eyeing! 
Selma is cute but needs some meat on her bones...

Teaching moment here @Skyegirl21 .


MS is debilitating and it is often difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Swallowing and medications affect appetite.

It is so sad that she and Christina Applegate suffer from MS.  The movie they did together in 2002 with Cameron Diaz was such a fun watch.  "The Sweetest Thing."

I hope this new endeavor goes well for Selma.

@beckyb1012 Yes, that movie was adorable.......Love all 3 of those actresses...

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Re: Isaac Mizrahi X Selma Blair

THank you @Trinity11. I meant no offense, it was just an observation. I had a neighbor with MS, and she was not overly slim- 

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Re: Isaac Mizrahi X Selma Blair

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I found it inspiring and informative to watch this short video made by "Goalcast" on YouTube about Selma and her disgnosis:



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