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I'm writing for a mother and daughter duo and our appreciation for Isaac and his knit dresses and tshirts! My mother, age 85, and 4'10" loves them so much, I had to order two exactly the same. Her favorite is the petite short sleeve navy dress with white polka dots.


She recently had a stroke and it's so easy for her to slip over her head and she's dressed! (I found out she is also wearing them to bed as a nightgown!) In rehab she was always complimented for looking so cute! Now that she's home she can get dressed for her nurse and speech therapist visits on her own. 


I have four different colors of Isaac's tshirts and they are my absolute favorite T. Now I have started to layer a lightweight sweatshirt over my Isaac dresses for fall- I love Zuda also from QVC....Looking sharp with a pair of sneakers walking the trails!


Isaac, we love you!

Marlene and Ann

Isaac's my fav too...the only vendor I buy from the Q~I also love  to watch him with Jen Coffey and Amy Stran...Heart