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Sooo...The cute stuff is on his website and the ugly stuff is on QVC. Used to be that he had cute stuff on the Q. I've bought many things over the years but not this year!

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The only thing that looks more youthful on his website are the models. I don't see much difference in what he brings here. He loves a 22 year old , tall , 110 pounds model that of course wears anything well.

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Maybe he wanted to sit down with his carefully sharpened pencils and actually design something himself for a change.

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All very nice IM styles.......


Wishing him and his various businesses and theatrical endeavors well.  


A truly interesting person.


I call him 'A know it all'.......said in a nice way. 

Isaac seems to know a bit about almost every subject matter.  

I have learned a lot just by listening to him.


Nice, cool, calm, collected demeanor.



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Looks like the same plain preppy style that he does for the Q
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I still want a book of his sketches ...

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i have a few pieces of Issac's lines, but my very VERY favorite purchase was the blush ceramic watch I bought when he first debuted them. 


The watch still looks great and runs well.  

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You can look at his website to determine for yourself if you think his line is comparable to what he does on QVC.  It's just his name and add dot com.


His sizes go from XS to XXL.  The measurements are not QVC sizing measurement, they are retail measurements.


His new line is decidedly not his usual QVC fare:  Not a tunic in sight; no dresses beyond the knee; jackets do not come past the hips; no A-line dresses, open cardigans,  or dense prints.


But there are several mini skirts; belted pencil dresses; lots of sleeveless dresses & tops; wide ballet neck tops, etc.


It reminds me very much of the rich Hamptons set, or Martha's Vineyard style of dressing.  


A lot of QVC shoppers would be up in arms if Isaac's QVC line brought designs like his new line.


No, his new line is nothing like his QVC brand.  I'm all for it too.

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I've not been to his site, but these pictures remind me of the things that Lawrence Zarian has been showing at Q.  

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wasn't this about Isaac, not Dennis Basso?