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Enough with the floral prints already. I don't think there's a single show of his where he doesn't come out with a floral print top, dress, scarf, handbag, shoes. How many cabbage prints can he do? How many floral tops and scarves and and sweaters? There are so many other prints he could do and I wish he would. I'd love to see more paisley and some geo print.

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I totally agree.

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Viewer call-in Lisene----that had to be a prank call. Had to be.

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That caller, Vincine, or whatever her name is was a real motormouth. OMG, Isaac and Shawn could not get a word in edgewise. They laughed it off and said they liked the call, but it was unreal. The minute Shawn introduced her she was off to the races telling Isaac how she loves him and owns everything he ever made. Talk about coming up for air, dayum Some of these calls really kill me.

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Yes, Vincine. It had all the trappings of kids making a bet they could get on the air. I love these moments on live tv, lol.

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Maybe there was a big sale on floral fabrics - and IM bought them all!

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Showing a robe, and the model is in sunglasses! {#emotions_dlg.w00t} I guess they're pretending she's at the beach, or lounging by the pool in her sunglasses.

I'm just so OVER the models in sunglasses... I like Isaac, but somebody needs to get a grip!{#emotions_dlg.blink}

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OP, I agree. I have a few of his florals. That is more than enough for my needs. I would love something else ... but not SG style.

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I skipped the show. Did not watch LOGO, and skipping PMS. Totally underwhelmed.
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I think the sunglasses are to remind us of the styling of Audrey Hepburn....ballet flats, cropped pants.