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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

@Maloyo wrote:

@Shanus I apologize for sounding snarky, but I can't consider "price per wear" when I have to pay the credit card bill the next month.



@Maloyo  I understand. I purchase very few expensive items during a year. Then mix w/ my TJ Maxx, etc. shoes, jeans, D&B bags I find there, too. If I purchase a $200 blazer/jacket, wear it as a basic for 3 seasons at least twice a week, it’s worth it for me (not everyone) to purchase a good piece that I enjoy, but also will last. To purchase an inexpensive basic wardrobe piece like that, but have to replace it each season....fading, fraying, etc. is much more expensive in the long run. I don’t have a credit card. I have a debit card. If the money isn’t there, I don’t spend it. No credit card bill comes.

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

@Shanus  Can't say I always lived this way, but these days the credit card has to be paid in full each month--in other words no revolving charges.  I prefer credit cards to debit cards because I feel you have more backup in the event of a dispute.  In addition, a few years ago I paid for a Target purchase with my debit card and got caught in their big hack, just as I was about to leave town to visit a friend.  When this sort of thing happens with a credit card it isn't as intrusive for me.  

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

Somewhere along the way we the consumer decided we wanted DISPOSABLE clothes. So it has to be cheap, trendy and new. This is where we let designers and marketers infest our good sense. Then the retailers stepped in to satisfy our selfish desires. Most of us were horrified by the fire in the clothing factory in pakistan.  All the big clothing makers made all kinds of promises. Anybody today checking if they kept their word to be vigilant about the safety of workers in these factories? Does anyone care?? PROFIT is king!!! I am tired of polyester and microfiber which when thrown out pollutes our air. water. soil and in the end us.

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

I've got two basic EF dresses - think from a Garnet Hill catalog.  Very good quality and petite!

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

We live in a capitalistic society; I don't expect retailers to lead the way on ethics.


When I first started shopping at the Q twenty five years ago there really was quality and value. I still wear some Indigo Moon and Koos garments. When the recession hit everything changed.


I only buy Linea. True Louis Del Olio doesn't have silks and wools anymore but he does do some cotton. I took a pair of pants to my dressmaker today and she loved the fabric. I mentioned that I found it harder and harder to find natural fabrics.


Her forte is wedding gowns (she was the seamstress at Pricilla of Boston before they folded.) She said most of the gowns she does now are not silk. She actually ordered a Linea trench coat after she saw mine. It was her first online clothes purchase. I don't buy much. If I live ten more years and stay about the same weight I have enough clothes.


I figure the best I can do for the environment is buy little and keep a small footprint.

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

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To me fast fashion is about trendy, fashionable and inexpensive like H&M, Zara, etc.  QVC is just about clothing focused on a demographic interested in basics and comfort.  Sure, many of us who love fashion may buy from qvc occasionally and mix in those basics, but I do not think many think of QVC remotely related to the fashionable or trendy category.

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

Most of what I see on QVC is what they are showing in the retail stores so, yes I think QVC keeps up with fashion and trends. Is that what you mean? I learn of new trends for the next season on QVC.
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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

This comment is to all Host.

I love QVC, I love the Host.

My only major complaint is while showing clothing items, everyone SHAKES the clothes. I am trying to look closely at the items being displayed, but no one can just hold the item, they SHAKE it until I get annoyed and change the channel. You pull on the garment until (and I have seen it happen) it tears the seams or stretches it out of shape. I am always afraid I will end up with the torn garments.

Thank you. 

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Re: Is QVC's Clothing, Shoes, ect. Fast Fashion?

As others have said, a great topic to introduce and thought-provoking. As a woman in her mid-50s, and having worked in very formal, professional settings, it is interesting (and sometimes sad)  to see how much fashion (and society) has changed. I know that when I first started working, the department stores had the most gorgeous clothes - most that were beyond my budget, unless I hit a good sale. So, I purchased really high quality clothes that lasted me for years (anyone remember I.Magnin?), and I scoured consignment shops. I was fortunate to live in an urban area, so great second-hand stores. And now, I like most, have a lot of lower quality clothes that I have purchased at Target, Marshalls, QVC, HSN, etc. I don't ever remember clothes from years ago pilling and wearing out like they do today. I love fashion and am a sucker for cute tops especially at reasonable prices, but often I wonder (like the thoughtful poser who started this dialogue) if I should try 'n invest in more  higher quality pieces again. Our society is very casual today and things are very different - so it can be harder to find high quality items. I think Isaac's clothes are overall very good quality and reminiscent of years ago, as well as a few other lines (e.g. Linea). It will be interesting to see what comes out of this pandemic. Thanks for starting this thread.