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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

@Nataliesgramma wrote:

I used to see their clothing all over at Craft fairs and shows. I don't even see young girls wearing the patterned leggings anymore around here.


Are they still around in your area?



I believe Meri on sister wives sells lularoe.  I know in Reno it was real popular a couple years ago.  There were always parties etc...  I never went to the parties or purchased anything.  I have friends who did.  I know I saw those leggings everywhere.  I notice I do not see the patterened leggings much now.

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

A friend of mine briefly sold this line to try and make some extra money. I purchased one top from her as a show of support. I wear the top (which is super long) over jeggings when we have a dress down day at work. 


The top definitely wears like iron, as it still looks brand new and is probably about two years old now. I wouldn't mine purchasing another tunic from that line, but only at a cheap price. A quick search turned up a couple on Poshmark for $5. I didn't like any of the prints though.

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

I live in an area where for a while where you could not turn around and not find someone even renting out hotel conference rooms to sell LulaRoe (multipule sellers would get together) or see people adverise on a local website that they are having an open house at their house to sell stuff.  Some of the ladies would have large trailers like you would put ATV's in and convert them into "fashion houses."


Now it seems like it has backed off and if there are vendor shows you rarely see LulaRoe. If you do.  They don't have the same huge stock they used to have.  I see alot of other people selling leggings and similar stuff.   But found that they seem to provide better quality then LulaRoe ever offered at a better price. 


I personally could not justify $20 leggings. The ones I do have is because I won them. 

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

resell sites have tons of them


company is donzo 

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

My DIL sold it for several years.


She made a NICE profit before getting out.


She decided to get out only because everybody and their brother was now selling it.


It also was a bit of a pain w/ NYS and all the required taxes, company filings etc.


She didn't like that she had to accept whatever styles and sizes the company sent her.  She could NOT order specifics.


I never bought much because I didn't think the styles fit my odd body type.


When she closed out at discounts, I bought a lot more to help her.  I still wear them all.  I felt guilty for not supporting her more during her selling years!


Leggings are my favorite.  They don't shrink, stretch, fade, or pill and still look like new.  Not cheap at full retail but I think the quality is excellent.


I still see patterned leggings and jeggings all over the place here.


I mostly wear them w/ tall boots and a the print is only peeking out.

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

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Isn't there a lawsuit against that company? The LR consultants filing suit claim that they were targeted when the LR knew those who were targets didn't know squat about running a business or have any financial training to handle a business. Basically LR targeted incompetent individuals who ultimately bought the company to it's knees.

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

I know Meri from Sister Wives sold these....she had a big inventory which was shown when they were in the process of moving from Las Vegas to Arizona.... I don't recall seeing the clothes since she moved....but I do see her Sister wife Christine wearing that line of clothing.... I'm not sure if she sells them....I haven't noticed the other 2 sisters wearing these items....

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

My DD got into this business about three years ago.  She never really made a big go of it because so many other consultants opened in the area.  There is only one left now and she is still doing great.  I have about 50 pair of leggings.  They are my go to everyday wear.  I also have a few dresses that I have never worn and about ten tops, which I seldom wear.  The leggings are the best.  DD has a room full of LLR clothing that she is stuck with.  She was not able to return them for credit.  Luckily, she is financially well off so this hasn't bankrupted her.  I feel sorry for the less fortunate ladies

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Re: Is LulaRoe still around?

@chrystaltree wrote:

The company might still be around but it's lost it's popularity after all those stories about it's business model and how women were doing it to earn extra money and ended up bankrupting themselves. There were lawsuits and some said it was little more than a pyramid scheme.

It is a pyramid scheme, it's an MLM. Why the founders decided this was a good business model instead of selling clothes the traditional route is beyond me. I've heard so many stories about consultants losing money and having to sell their stuff off cheap or they take everything to the thrift stores. Some stores refuse to carry it because they know former sellers will bring hundreds of items. 


Not to mention, the prices are high and the majority of the prints are hideous. Some prints were stolen by artists and they weren't given credit. 


They're still popular with teachers, I see many at work wear their leggings, especially during holidays. I hear they're comfortable, but I've also heard sizing is all over the place and quality on some isn't good. 



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