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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

@stateofmichigan wrote:

I used to be a huge Denim & Co fan.  Everyday I would go to new arrivals and filter to the new Denim and Co.  For the past year all my D&Co has been returned for either poor quality or sizing.  Trust me, I look at all the name brands and check the sizing chart since they are all different.


I know a lot of women love Denim and Co but honestly by the reviews of this line I also see a lot of disapointment.

What happened to the good old days when the host would say to size up or size down?


Return are so expensive I have resorted to saving all my returns for the month and putting them in a large post office flat rate box for chaper returns.  Trust me $17 is a lot cheaper than 6.95 for each item returned.  And don't get me started on the exchange program QVC has, by the time QVC processes the return the item has sold out.  They need to check into Amazons exchange program.


And why do I read so many reviews where women say they have either washed or worn the item and can't return it.  YES YOU CAN!!!


Quite honestly I think Denim and Co needs a new designer.  I know a lot of women love Gary but I feel he is out of touch with what women really what in fashion and material.

I am so tired of synthetic materals, where is the cotton for summer?  Think about it.  How many Denim and Co items from the past year do you really love???  I just went thru my orders for 2019 and I returned all Denim and Co that I ordered.  I kept 2 Du Jour Tops.  All my money went to Belle by Kim Gravel and her lovely slub cotton tops.


What are your feelings about Denim and Co?


@stateofmichigan   You are seriously off base here.  If you want "fashion" and things other than Denim and Co. shop somewhere else.  Good grief you can find anything online now.  So spend less time griping and more time shopping and you'll be very very happy!


I love D&C because it fills a big need for me.  I love their basic elastic waist pants in all length.  They are comfortable, easy to wear, wash and hold up great, and are a reasonable price.  I don't have to go to town or try things on and can order more when I want and it's a done deal.  They FIT.  


I love them to wear around the house, to the grocery store, post office and out for a casual lunch.  I can dress them up or dress them down.


I have lots of lovely things I wear to nice dinners, meetings, church, receptions, etc.  But D&C fills a great need for everyday wear.


I am not a fashionista, clothing obsessed, on the red carpet, or trying to look hot.  I want to be comfortable and look like an intelligent, respectible, friendly, helpful, person.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I never said I wasn't happy you said that.  I even stated that I have found a lot of fashions that I like with the Belle, Kim Gravel line.



I just stated my opinion.  Everyone has one, as we can see in your statement.


i am glad you are able to find what you like with the D&Co line.  I haven't been as lucky as you.


Happy ShoppingWoman LOL

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

@stateofmichigan wrote:

I agree 100% too much spandex very rubbery fabric. Some of the items I had ordered were like a suba diving suit.  I know I am going to get some negative comments about my next comment but I agree that D&Co has become to matronly, right there with Susan Graver...can someone please tell Susan there are more fabrics then polyester! Woman Wink 

I guess the part I find surprising is that you think D&Co has become too matronly. Has it really changed that much in overall design aesthetic? I don't think so. It has always been pretty much what it is now. In fact, if anything, it has incorporated more "on trend" details than in the past. I think in some cases people have just grown tired of the offerings (even though the line keeps expanding) or their taste has changed over time.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I've purchased more D&C this year than ever. I like the clothes, Gary, & the reliability of the sizing. I've had a few pieces I didn't like, but, overall, I'm very happy. 

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I've bought some of the capris in the last few years.  They were my go to in the summer for everything that wasn't work related.


A lot of ladies love this brand and I feel this line deffinately fills a need.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I still like Denim & Co.  Even though I think the items (that attract me) are well made, I can't justify paying the asking price.  I am able to find comparable items elsewhere for significantly less.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I think it is a miss...The styles are getting old and making us look old...Same old shirts either with a round/scoop,v-neck, etc.... Nothing is that outstanding anymore and I am trying different vendors so I don't look the same everyday at work with the same old thing...Not many items are pretty so you look that way...  Sorry for the venting but for me D&C is out...

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I'm one of those people that keeps trying, but I've definitely sent more back than kept, and I wasn't happy with the way they looked after washing. Does anybody remember when D&C used to do those great sets, with pants shirt and jacket, I guess embroidery is too expensive these days. 

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

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I do remember those sets.  I used to buy them all the time.

And what was the D&Co active line? i think it was Sports Savy, They used to have really cute sets.  Material was a nice weight not this thin material QVC uses now that shows all your inperfections.


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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

Why does Gary have to go to Europe and come back to tell American woman how to dress.

he just has to ask his QVC  customer what they want and look around our country to get ideas.