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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I am a long-time QVC customer and used to buy a lot of D&Co on a regular basis.  Over the years I've noticed the quality of D&Co has gone down while the prices go up.  It's not a good value for me any more.  I can find nicer casual clothing at local stores for much less money.  



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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

@Iris in bloom wrote:

That's such a great point, I mean with all the resources QVC has you would think they could give us something besides a v neck t-shirt

If you're referring to D&Co, this is a gross oversimplification of what the line offers! One can find knits, wovens, solids, prints, items that are dressier, leisure wear items, simple basics, more trendy pieces, pants and shorts of just about any length, shirt/blouse/top sleeves of just about any length, skirts, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, some accessories ...


Repeating something I said earlier, I am perplexed by those who say the line has changed -- it has always had a certain "look" and done things in a certain way (I actually think it has become more modern in the past few years) -- or that they can't find anything they like anymore. It is a huge line, and not everything is florals or stripes or whatever the complaints are. I will not speak to the prices, as the value offered is for each individual to consider, and (as for most of lines of clothing) I'm sure the fit is better for some people (and body types, perhaps) than for others, but despite all of the complaining about it, D&Co is a very successful line with many "fans."

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

My last 4-5 returns were D & C. I won't order again, period. 

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I used to love D&C but after 2011 when the how comfy jeans were discontinued I could not get into their clothing. I hate the new comfy jeans and the shirts aren't what they used to be. I have switched over to Isaac Mizrahi clothing especially the pima cotton shirts. Now if he would make more of the tops it would be great. I lost weight so I have to just wear the ones I have around the house. I was able to get two in the smaller sizes.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

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I'm a customer since 1991 and have bought quite a few Denim & Co. items over the years such as jeans, shorts and knit tops.  Since most of the tops started having 5% spandex in them, I find them too rubbery feeling and clingy, showing every lump and bump, and too warm in the summer versus 100 cotton tops.  I currently have a huge box of clothing to donate to charity and the items are mainly D & Co.  If I haven't worn an item in a season, into the box it goes!  Now I have room in my closet for items I will actually wear.


I also have not ordered anything from the Q  for several months because orders take forever to arrive and several calls after weeks to resolve and get credit for a return.


By not shopping and impulse buying, my monthly credit card bill is so much less!  

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

Well I don't like all the Spandex they use.... often absoutly not necessary. Cotton knit stretches on it's own! Also the sizing is so off. Part of the problem is QVC;s policy to add 3 in length to plus sizes. That just enrages me. 

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

Some brands work for me and some don’t. This brand is a hit when I need casual clothes. In my experience the quality of their Active line is excellent. Price per wear makes the value outstanding. I also love the length of their tops. Do I like all their offerings? No. Not a fan of their bolder prints or stripes so stick to mostly solid colors. If dressier clothing is required, I look elsewhere. I don’t expect this line to be anything other than casual, errand running clothes. Haven’t had to return any D&C items this year.

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Re: Is Denim & Co a Hit or Miss?

I just started buying from Denim & Co. two and a half years ago and I can honestly say that half of what I have bought has already been purged from my wardrobe and donated. 


I love their jeans and jean jackets, but many of the styles are  frumpy like Alfred Dunner or made like cheap Kohl's clothes than good quality stylish designs. I feel dissappointed in the many of of the styles. For example, I don't like the terry cloth tops in the active line at all, but I like it in jackets. I hate the comfy knit material I prefer real jean material. I also can't stand the perfect jersey fabric it is rubbery and clings to my bits and pieces. I am very short at 5 feet so most of their long sleeved shirts, even the ones I want to buy, are four inches too long in the sleeves and are always tunic tops on me. 


Also, the chenille sweater that was a TSV last fall fell apart on me. Both pockets simply unraveled and fell apart. I will never order the color Summer Pink in anything. Three of the tops and dresses I have in the color bled in the wash and ruined a couple of my white tee shirts. I was shocked I never anticipated that.


Everything else I've had from the line as washed beautifully, which is a real plus for the line.


I have had success with one of their skirted bathing suits and matching coverup, jeans, jean jackets, and some of the newest fabrics with more current designs.


Part of the problem for me is that $39 is just too much for what they are selling. I would feel the line was a better value if they lowered the prices to $29 for a top. 


I also wish they would continue to update their color palette. The old jeweltone colors don't work with my coloring. I call them the 5 lifesaver flavors. Most of us desire a more sophisticated color pallet.


I don't want to be too critical of Denim & Co. because I still like many things about it, but, well, maybe all brands are like that somethings are a hit and some things are a miss. I still avidly watch Denim & Co. and will continue to buy when they have something that speaks to me.