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Re: Inspiration & Interpretation from my closet...

Thanks @Drythe.  I really do have fun with fashion.  My closet has become my playground haha.  I do the best I can to take care of my back, but it distresses me how quickly it can go south.  Getting old ain't for sissies.


@phoenixbrd   @Enufstuff   Hi Twinies!


@kate2357   Yes, with my apple shape, anything that brings attention to my mid-section has the potential to make me look pregnant.  The smocking on that blouse wasn't was the placement that bugged me.  It looks okay in the pic, but as I move around, it tends to end up just below the mid-line of my breasts, cutting off the curve (wow, that was a fractured sentence..please tell me it made sense haha).   


@Lisa Y   Hey Cuz!   If I had the job of color naming, the rate of returns would plummet overnight!


@Sage04   @Glittergal   (and anyone else who liked the white blouse with the pink scarf).   I am not a fan of big scarves (altho, I love shawls, so go figure).  This pink scarf is, in fact, too big/bulky for my liking even though it's lightweight and oblong.  Plus, the colors are summer colors.  Do I need anything extra around my neck in the summer in the South?  Hale no!  I almost returned it, but it's so cute that, instead, I made it a 25" square.  Will take a pic soon and see what you think.


And, speaking of bulk...I rarely wear blouses under sweaters because of that problem.  Plus, I can almost always see the outline of buttons and plackets and pockets.  I thought of keeping the blouse just to wear under a few things I have that are similar to the powdered cocoa sweatshirt strictly for the cute sleeves, but it's in the donation bag (loss = $3...less than Q's try-on fee haha).


Thanks for your nice comments:   @LIndaMJ   @Terrywu   @Still Raining   @santorini   


Hope y'all are having a great week.


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