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Okay, I explained Lisa's home decor to an absolute "T" before I peeked at the video. I couldn't watch 15 min but did speed ahead. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like this(I actually had to laugh)! The decor is over the top, completely fake and guady and fits Lisa's personality exactly!

To each his own...

I would like to see Carolyn's home as I prefer the farm house, antique, country theme. I would also like to see DAvid's home (probably over the top) as he loves to use LOTS of outside lights! THe best homes, in my opinion, are those filled with stockings for the kids and lots of homemade things around; kids drawings, ornaments, popcorn garland, gingerbread houses, etc.... There is nothing better than the smile on a childs face as they creep down the staircase in the wee hours of the morning on CHristmas....precious!