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It is a nice dress

surprised only one print

were there others 

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I had to buy it in navy and nectarine. It looks super comfortable and versatile. It's my first Iman purchase. I love that they have petite and free shipping! And 6% back with Mr. Rebates. Can't wait to get them!

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The sizing confuses me & I wish they would explain it. When they read off the measurements/sizes during the first presentation I thought I must have heard incorrectly but the site has the same ones.


All I can think it that it is because of the style, fit, and fabric used. Amy repeatedly talked about how generous the sizing is so I think sizing up would be a mistake.


I also suggest measuring to see how long this would be on you if you have any doubts. It does NOT come in petite size; it comes in short & that is not the same thing. The short is not much shorter than the average & I really think it would be too long on me. 

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I love this dress!! I bought the floral and want the blush. I bought 3 of her maxis last year so I am just buying one this time around.

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@Sunnycorle wrote:

I love this dress!! I bought the floral and want the blush. I bought 3 of her maxis last year so I am just buying one this time around.

Hi Lisab, since you have purchased her dresses before do find that the size chart is accurate?

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I do not wear maxi dresses, but the dress looks very nice.

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Looks like a nightgown, extremely frumpy.

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It is a gorgeous dress!

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I think it looks the opposite of frumpy! It looks gorgeou...

I think it looks the opposite of frumpy! It looks gorgeous and flattering! I caved and got another, in addition to the black. Couldnt decide but finally got the kelly green! Not usually a color i wear, but the more i looked at it the more i kept picturing myself in it more than the other colors
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Don't post here much but do read and have received help and answers so wanted to return the favor. I called HSN and the CS rep admitted the designer size chart was wrong. I had initially ordered x- large due to bust size as I'm a 36 but I generally wear xs or small here and HSN. In Iman things I generally need a medium as her clothes are more true to size I have found. I knew that sounded like a big jump and Amy kept saying they were sized generously so I changed my sizes to the medium and the CS rep told me it should read as a 36 bust. I also ordered short and I'm 5'61/2 and wear a size 6 but I like to wear my maxis with sandals and I knew even with my height and long legs the average at 551/2 inches would be way to long. I also asked CS to apply the 15.00 coupon toward the Iman necklace I bought as it's advertised on their web site but I couldn't use it. So she applied that as well and I don't mind paying 35.00 verses 50.00 for what is a costume piece of jewelry but I thought it looked very pretty with the dresses. I bought 2 in short medium. The rose and black. I also bought the necklace in serinity blue and 2 of the bonus buy cardigans which I was able to apply a HSN coupon for 20.00 off of 100.00 so it brought the price down even more. It does pay to just ask. I just talked to QVC CS as well to get a price adjustment on the Logo tank showed today now on clearance for 33.00. I paid 46.00 each so since I bought mine in mid April I got a 26.00 total credit. I have found both channels to have excellent CS. Hope this helps with the dress sizes.