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If you didn't buy any clothes in 2011, how would you spend the money you saved?

This is not a trick question!

I'm the first to admit that I love clothes and enjoy adding new pieces to my wardrobe. However, I have other goals that will cost a lot of money. My first goal is to re-do my master bathroom. I've been saying I want to do this for years, but all I've done is buy a bathroom remodeling book! That won't get me very far.

My second goal is to add new countertops (possibly granite or quartz) to my kitchen. My kitchen isn't huge, so it won't be a massive expenditure, but an expenditure nonetheless. I've toyed with the idea of new cabinets as well, which would increase the budget.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the home improvements will mean more to me over time than some new clothes. I know myself well enough to know that I won't stop shopping completely, but perhaps there is a happy medium.

Anyone else having similar thoughts?