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Have had my eye on this black/white stripped tee since it debuted.  Still no reviews.  It is rather pricey for a tee.  Anyone hear any feedback as to fit or quality?  Hoping it would be reduced but no action at all in the posting.  Appreciate your


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IMO, there is nothing special or unique about this item to justify that price.  



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No idea on the quality but Google "Cotton Slub Striped V-Neck Tee" and you can find identical shirts for as little as 10 bucks.


Way overpriced.





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In todays Denim and Co. show a plain button down shirt was 70 bucks not including shp and tax.  That tencel stuff.  That's up there with Dillard's

expensive line of botton downs called 'Improvements' I think something like that.  Yikes ! clothes are getting expensive !




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I think all of the short sleeve tees will be reduced soon, as the Fall.clothes come out.  

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@notwinkie  Try the NYDJ Rugby striped top for less than 30.00 for the next hour and fifteen minutes; not available in black/white combo but taupe/cream, gray/white, and an orange combo. It's a lunchtime special. I bought two and love them.

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@notwinkie. I just watched the first bit of the presentation for that item and she says that it is just like her other cotton slub T-shirt. I looked up that item number and it is A501268, and it has 25 reviews, 20 of which are five stars. I don’t have any personal experience with the T-shirt but you should look at the comments on A501268.
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Good idea....thanks