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Why am I seeing this Christmas stuff ad

nauseum in JUNE now?!

I mean let's just call it a day and start January 1st? I mean it's gets earlier and earlier every year.....such a money grab and a huge turn off for most of us who can't stand seeing Christmas everything for now, 6 months ahead of the holiday!

Change your name to Quality Value Christmas.. ENOUGH!!!!!


Why are you seeing it?  Because it SELLS.  If it didn't, they wouldn;t do it.  I am Loving this programming.  

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In my dotage, I can still recall that CinJ meant Christmas in JULY. By my calculations, J now stands for June. It's going to be 95 here in upstate NY this weekend. I have no desire to think about the cold of winter, unless my A/C goes out. And, as others have said, the cheap cr@p from China is such a turnoff.

@Vivian   I guess we should rejoice they don't start CIJ in that other "J" month, January. 

Wait for's coming - every year it starts earlier!

My aunt always did all her Christmas shopping for the next Christmas during the after-holidays January sales.


And that was sixty years ago.  

@geezerette   If you can plan for Dec. gifts now, I assume all pjs, sweatshirts and joggers being shown would make good gifts. Barefoot Dreams had a poncho on yesterday...way too warm to wear it now. All seems to be on clearance...very little new merchandise.

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Re: IT'S ONLY JUNE 26th!!!

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They'll still have Christmas in July.  June is just a warm up.  Eventually they will have warm up to the warm up in May.  With a Christmas teaser starting in April.

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Why are you seeing it? Uh, because you don't want to turn off the TV and get outside and enjoy that "Summer" people keep insisting they want to enjoy. Sorry, but why complain about something that others obviously enjoy. It's really not all about you.
"To each their own, in all things".
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I don't know why people are surprised by this.  Stores and shopping channels have been doing this for years.  Shipping has absolutely nothing to do with CIJ.

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After AM Style yesterday, I turned on the fashion show on Shop HQ and was surprised to also see a Christmas tree on set. At least they explained it and said we are halfway to Christmas based on actual number of days. I agree with what everyone else here said, but at least there was an explanation that somewhat made sense as to why it was moved up from July.

I get really mad at Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel at this time. I miss watching Jessica before I go to bed.