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No.  I like it but it seems spring/summer to me.  I briefly considered buying it for some summer wedding or graduation or event but then I thought that I'd probably forget I had it.  

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I am not getting it, because I got an Anttony lace top earlier this year that looks a lot like this.  But I do own several pairs of Iman's jeans and leggings, and they are very nice.  I have the curve appeal skinny jeans and the 360 slimming ponte leggings.  They are both on special pricing now, and I highly recommend them.

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Not crazy about it....wide leg pant.... bell sleeves...  

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NEVER in a million years would wear this outfit  even if it was free. The lace looks CHEAP, the sleeves are way too flared, and palazzo pants are SO outdated. The material looks CHEAP. I doubt if anyone under the age of 60 would wear this.

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I think I am going to pass also. I like bell sleeves, but these are very exaggerated. I also didn't think it was very flattering on the thin, tall models. Thanks for the feedback!!!

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I have never been a fan of her fashions---and definitely not a fan of lace anymore---And don't have anyplace to wear something like that. Colors are not great either. Price is fine tho.