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I also STILL have my ""sports savy"" from years ago - still look great and haven't ""worn out"".

Would love to have that ""fabrication"" back.


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Wow, forgot all about this brand. So many good brands gone by the wayside. Not sure why qvc made these decisions. Their vendors certainly have changed and for the worst in my opinion. There a few that are still good but they brought in too many celebrities for the hawking.
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I did notice that the first 3 pairs of the SS capris that I bought were nicer fabric than the last pair of Capris that I bought. The last pair were thinner fabric & wrinkled.
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I just donated 17 Sport Savvy MicroFleece zip front jackets. They were the absolute BEST thing for drafty school classrooms, amd they were my business uniform for about 10 years before I retired. There is NOTHING like them at the Q or anywhere else. YES- I miss Sport Savvy!!!!!!!
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I also miss the Sport Savvy pieces, especially the pants. They always fit. I can't wear the Denim and Co pants. One size is too small and the next size up is too large. The major problem is the rise. I never had that problem with Sport Savvy.
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I have many SS pieces that are in new condition. They wear like iron.
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No, Gary isn't listening. That's not what Q's about any more. The quality is worse and the prices are higher. I agree Sport Savvy was great. Denim & Co used to be a lot better than it is. So did Ryka, Quacker Factory, etc. Those days aren't coming back.
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I have some Sport Savvy pieces. I love them. They are like new.