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The hosts who have filled in for Carolyn have all done good jobs, and yes, some a little more enjoyable than others, at least for me.  And even though I've bought way too much in the way of fashion in the last year or so and try not to succumb to temptation, I still enjoy the shows, especially Denim & Co, and most especially Carolyn and Gary together.  


Just wanted to say I miss Carolyn and will be so glad when she's back! 

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Me, too! I hope she is recuperating and resting and will be back, soon!

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I miss her too!  My husband just asked me the other day when she would be back! So lots of people missing her & will be glad when she is back. Hope she is doing good & recuperating well from her surgery. She is a wonderful lady! 

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I miss her, too....but hoping she is taking it easy and getting better...we don't want her to rush back before she has fully recuperated....

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Me five - I really like Carolyn.

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I agree with Circles- I want her to be fully recuperated- take her time and smell some roses!

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I miss her too, but I'm looking forward to her healthy return. BEST WISHES TO YOU, CAROLYN!!!! 

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Carolyn posted a pic yesterday on FB. She looks great!! She is posting a little more, so must be feeling better. I miss her also.