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I'm weary of the "guaranteed before Christmas".....

I ordered a blouse which I was going to wear to a party tomorrow night. I placed the order on Dec 8th. I called CS today and was told that it would arrive on the 22nd!!!!!

Seriously....TWO WEEKS after I placed the order! THe CS could have cared less that this order was taking so long to arrive. She basically said, "oh well, things take longer during holiday time". Maybe QVC should explain that to the customer then!!! I then told her that my Mrs. Prindables apples (set of 18) arrived a mess today. THree individual apple packages arrived open and the sprinkles were all over the place, one apple fell apart (the chocolate had fallen off on one side entirely) and several apples had caramel drippings covering the white stem. I was supposed to bring these to school tomorrow for my son's class. Again, she could have cared less. She basically told me that it wasn't QVC's problem because they are shipped from the manufacturer.

I could care less who sends the product. THe fact is that QVC is responsible as they are selling the product.

I had ordered the Keurig TSV in red at midnight (well in advance of it selling out)...My order was "in process" for several days before changing to "backorder". THis was to be a gift! I also ordered a blouse several weeks ago and the same thing happened.(this has occurred 7x within the last few months) I spoke to a manager and asked how this happens. Clearly, QVC continues to sell products which they do not have enough of in stock. I asked that someone call me to explain this and was told that someone would contact me. THat was over a week ago!

I have learned that QVC really could care less. In the past, I have ordered items for CHristmas, with that "shipping guarantee", which have not arrived. I really feel that the CS has gone downhill.