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it was worst outfit..

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ITA @metrogal   That caftan did not look good on any of the models. It looked especially bad on the petite model.  It looked as if something had swallowed her whole! Way to much fabric and it just hung there. Not a good look on anyone. The proverbial potato sack.

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@metrogal     I agree with you!  This is exactly why I do not watch the Q much anymore. Same old products,  same loud sales pitch, and to be quite honest, I have better things to do than watch this program.  With the summer coming, I am traveling and enjoying the nice weather.  As for TV, I watch the british shows and BritBox.  I love all those British programs.  If I need to buy something, there are so many other options to get them from.  

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I could not agree with you more overpriced and so messy looking all that layering is over the top I find myself just shaking my head and switching the channel