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I'm saving a lot of money....

I retired again in October and have been able to watch more of QVC and especially more since the middle of December. I have been painfully made aware that even though I have the money, QVC is definately going for a younger, slimmer, and taller demographic. The models on this afternoon's Women in Control looked horrible imo as did the spokeswoman and they all have much nicer figures than I do. I am far too lumpy to wear LOGO. I won't even say anything about SG whose knew spokesperson Stacy, while absolutely gorgeous, is at best a size 2 and at least 6 ft. tall. That's about the national average. I also refuse to spend $60 on polyester tops. And QF, well how many bedazzled t-shirts does a person need. I have been lucky with IM who does have some nice cotton cardigans. So please, Q, if you want my money, let's get a little more style..classic style. And BTW, I was at a nice dinner party Saturday night. Not one person there had on 4 layered tops, leggings, a motorcycle jacket and knee-high boots.

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Re: I'm saving a lot of money....

Well said..I'm retired and I don't wear a lot of Q clothes any more...gravitating to Orvis or Lands End. QVC needs more classics....less polyester , LOGO , and sequins