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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

I read time and time again about the terrible shipping and merchadise problems many have with the Q. I would never continue to buy from a company that continues to disappoint me. I'd rather spend my hard earned money to all the other online stores that appreciates their customers. I'm delighted where I shop and never get treated the way I'm always reading here. Wow.

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

@so so wrote:

I just received a pair of the Cuddl Duds terry shorts....I thought it was strange the bag they were in was WET.... ok. get ready....someone had washed them and put them in the bag still wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Smiley Surprised  the waistband and the drawstring were wet and the string had frayed a bit in the wash..........I am CHOKING!!!!


so....I think I figured out their method........If you get a white bag with orange lettering you are getting a NEW item..... If you get a bag with NAVY BLUE lettering on it, it comes from the return center.....what do they think we are stupid??  I am just at a loss for words right now....calling customer service. just wondered if anyone lately has experienced it as of lately?? thanks for letting me rant and rave.  Smiley Surprised

Ohh nooooo...I got one of those bags...have not opened it yet 😲



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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

I'm sorry that happened to you.  Years ago I ordered a pair of earrings from the Q and the pair I received had obviously been worn as they were encrusted with makeup.  It seems to be an ongoing problem that really should be addressed.

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

I had the same thing happen with a major women’s only clothing retailer (can you guess who?). I received an item that was so disgusting, not wet, but had no tags, smelled, rumpled, stained, and had strands of long hair on it. I felt sick when I saw it. I returned it to a store, sales associate also appalled it was ever sent to me. I contacted customer service, they offered me 20% off my next order! Are you kidding me, I can get 40% off most days there, so that was another display of horrible customer service.
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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

@kaydee50 wrote:

Maybe with all the rain the country has been receiving the package leaked and that's how the item got wet????



That's what I thought, too.  So much flooding and adverse weather lately.


I guess the good thing is that the person at least washed the item before sending it back!  Woman Surprised

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

@seaBreeze wrote:


Yes, it's true ... navy/white bag is someone's return ... I just received a return & thankfully no one washed my garment. 


So I am wondering in your case, did QVC Return Center wash it (to make it appear new) or did a previous customer?)

This is NOT true! A navy/white bag is not necessarily a customer return.  I've received two this week and items were brand new.  Please don't spread misinformation based on assumptions. 

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

Maybe it got wet during the mailing process.  Were there any tears in the bag? 

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

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So true.  A couple months ago I returned for size exchange a pair of Laurie Felt jeans that had been a TSV.  What I received back was more than worn!  They reeked of perfume so bad that I had an asthma attack.  And on top of it they felt like they had not been washed before they were returned.  That person had some d*mn nerve to return something that reeked of perfume & been worn to not provide the courtesy of throwing them in a washing machine first to at least remove personal odors & DNA.  Scoured my hands twice with antibacterial soap after wraping it for return!

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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

I would not like to work in the return dept. at QVC.


They must have alot of horrible stories to tell.



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Re: I'm just in shock....and disgusted

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I have the solution to the problem about receiving worn clothes.  QVC needs to put a handtag on all of their merchandise.  That way the items could not be reurned if the handtag had been removed.  I have shopped at stores that implement that policy.  No handtag, no return! Just an easy way to solve all of those disgusting returns of items that have been worn.


My niece received one of the blue and white bags and she wondered why the tops looked like they had been worn, they were all stretched out and no shape at all and one had a flaw on the front too; a cut mark. Why on earth does QVC not implement the handtag policy is beyond me.