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HSN these days. Purchased a Colleen Lopez sweater for a gift a month ago and saw it on clearance today for $30 less....called CS and they very graciously refunded the $30 back to my credit card. I find myself watching them more and more. Their CS has gotten so much better where the Q's has gone downhill.

An Example....called QVC CS to ask for hip measurements on a garment and the rep told me she only had the sweep but she didn't understand what the sweep was!!!! I told her that was the bottom of the jacket and she said "oh I learned something new today"!!!!!!! I wanted to say helloooooooooooo.....are you kidding me but I was kind and kept quiet.

You just cannot beat HSN's clearance prices unlike the Q who reduces something by $3. or $5 and calls it a big clearance!!!! It's a joke. HSN had fabulous designer leather handbags (yes they are just like butta) on clearance for 50% to 70% off. Something you would never see on the Q. I think the Q needs to wake up!!!