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I love Leah's hair!  The bangs show more of her beautiful face!

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Leah looks really sharp tonight. I too love her hair.

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Leah is so pretty, I would love to see her with her hair pulled back.

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Re: I love Leah's hair

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@wakefield64 wrote:

Leah is so pretty, I would love to see her with her hair pulled back.

@wakefield64 -

I was going to say the same thing but waited til you said it first!Woman Very Happy

She has such a beautiful face, I liked it when she had her hair pulled back.

I think all that hair takes away from seeing her pretty features.

But maybe she is liking experimenting with new styles and seems to like how it is cause she has had it that way for awhile.

Image result for leah on QVC

Image result for leah on QVC

Her pretty face really stands out here

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She has beautiful hair and beautiful hands and nails.  I have never seen her have a bad day. She always looks polished and perfect

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Well, it's a look. Leah is simply beautiful inside and out.

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@on the bay  Thanks for these pictures. Love her hair in the picture with the white blouse!

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I love the way Leah has been wearing her hair lately.  I wouldn't change a thing about it.

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I dont think its her best hair style.  To me it looks frizzy and hides to much of her face.  But its her hair and if she likes it more power to her.  She is still very pretty.

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Having curly hair is not as easy as some may think. For me, when I tried to grow it out and get some length, it was quite overpowering to my face. When I look at Leah, same issue, I see too much hair and not enough of her beautiful face.