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After all these years of buying,watching I do buy,nor,watch like years past.It seems the styles always the same,The hosts tell you the greatness,the vendor does the same thing.Then to top it all the prices are sky high.

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@bewise  Look at  They always have something going on like 40% off purchase.  Look under the "Sale" category.  I recently purchased a tee shirt for $12.

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I get a kick out of how everything is, "Very popular." 


They could sell 3 and still it is, "Very popular!"

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I rarely watch or buy. I got to the point where I've decided I have to much "stuff". I have knick knacks in my basement that's been down there since I moved here 22 years ago. I can shop for stuff there. I go to B&M stores for clothes as I want to try them on.

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Agree.  The clothes are pretty much same-old, same-old, and crazy expensive.    But, then I see something unique and different and on sale, and I snatch it up.

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It isn't that the styles seem all the same....they pretty much are all the same.......between the few designers on QVC these days they all have their versions of a fashion and it almost always looks like all the other designers's versions.....waistlines the same, decoratons the same, lengths the same, hemlines the does camoflauge...the next does does HUGE prints, the rest of the designers do their large does french terry...they all do french terry...etc etc etc.....

and as the poster says.............the prices keep raising way higher then worth

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Of course trying to pare down closets, but wow, QVC clothing is really getting high.  I have several SG liquid knit from years ago, still looks brand new.  Back then, $25-30.  Now on sale upwards of $60.


Not sure of the new brand, but recently saw a top for $127.  For a top.  Macys, Kohl’s, J Jill can still always get a bargain and a great coupon.  

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Some things are ok. Mostly Issac tshirts and cuddl duds stuff for me. 
what I don't like is shark bite hems. Enough already. 

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To many clothing tops have shark bite hems, high low hems, etc...I am over these hemlines.  Several dresses I have been interested also have these odd hem lines. I refuse to buy them.


And don't get me started on sleeves that might as well be sleeeless except there is a sleeve just very short....I am thinking that length must save fabric.  

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I agree that the tee shirts are priced way to high. Even LL Bean has cheaper pima cotton tee's! I am tired of buying clothing that is sized inconstintaly! I have ordered 3 Belle jeans & one of them matched the size chart! Two were the exact same color. I have decided unless I need a tall in something I can find most things locally with coupons & rewards. I'll be sending the jeans back as defective.