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I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

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I haven't had any luck finding a matching set in comfy lounge fits, bottom doesn't or vice versa.  I could buy matching separates, but just haven't seen any I liked.


I decided I'd have to re-think what I wanted/needed.  So I went back to thinking separates, but not necessarily matching.


This is what I came up with...



1.  Top like a baby's blanket from Rachel Zoe (Marshall's)...light gray/white/charcoal stripes.  (Mock neck lays...lies?...beautifully, but I didn't fix it right before pic).   Drawstring pants are Minnie Rose (who? hahaha) and feel like a lightweight Barefoot Dreams fabric...kind of spongey, for lack of a better word.  They have a slim fit with slightly tapered ankle/hem.  This outfit is comfy enough to sleep in, but I would have no problem running a quick errand in it either.  Wearing with new Converse silver gray convertible sneaks from the Rack...




20201012_190848 (1).jpg



2.  BONUS:  The Zoe top can be dressed up, too.  Here it is with a black Linea Leisure pencil skirt and a Linea link necklace.  I thought the necklace would be great with black, but the black links get lost on a black background making the silver, gray and taupe links look like they are suspended in mid-air.  The necklace does look great with gray or white...





3.  This comfy top is a black and mocha tie dye from Democracy (my last purchase from SteinMart).  I was thrilled when I found the mocha joggers from CircleX at Nordstrom that match perfectly...was thrilled until I decided that I didn't like the joggers, but I really don't know why hahaha.  Balloon legs and flimsy fabric are 2 reasons...the pockets are bulky, too. me picky, but the pants are packed up for return...





4.  Here is the Democracy top with the black Minnie Rose drawstring pants...much better!   This outfit is wearable in spring, fall and winter with the addition of base layers...





The following two outfits are still being worn as lounge wear (although they are easily worn to run errands, too)...



5.  This Tory Burch tie dye was purchased earlier this year when we were first locked down.  The knit "jeans" are the first pull-on pants I ever purchased (about 15 years ago from a beach boutique).  French Dressing Jeans.  Looser fit with straight/cigarette leg.  I paid $88 for these jeans and thought I had lost my mind, but they're still going strong and comfy enough to sleep in...





6.  Mello day French terry-like hoodie (Marshall's).  Wearing with Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans, which, while comfortable, are not lounge wear comfy.  But I wanted to see if white leggings would work...a no-brainer, really, but I don't like this top with white as much as I think I'll like gray leggings, so I'm on the hunt for gray leggings...





Finally, while I'm set with the above and have deleted all my saved lounge wear inspiration pics, these two remain.  Some day, I will own a matched lounge wear set in cashmere similar to on it!




Your thoughts on my lounge wear and lounge wear in general welcome.


Have a great day!



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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

@MacDuff :  With your figure and height you can wear just about anything!  You look marvelous!

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

Comfortable yet put together. Great job

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

You did an incredible job putting your looks together! They are all very sharp!

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

You look fabulous in all the outfits. Makes me wonder why I even bother watching the same choices of clothes on QVC, never buying much.


I have been looking for some pants like the black ones you are wearing. Where did you get them? Is Minnie Rose the brand? Do tell!


You look very comfortable and put together. I have been in sweats and sweatshirts (it is getting cold here), all right for house hanging, but your outfits are both house hanging OR going out to the store, or a walk, or a lunch outdoors.

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

You should be a model. Gorgeous 😍

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

@MacDuff  You look great in Everything! But, you would great in a potato sack, too. 👍

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

You look mahhhhvelous in everything.  My "lounge wear" has also been elastic-waist, pull-on jeans the last few months -- but thinking of getting some jogger sweatpants.  Your joggers look so good.  


Thanks for the pictures.

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

How nice to see someone so put together!  I used to have a role model at work when I was around 32, she was 48.  I loved looking up to her clothing choices and even to this day I say "would R wear this?"  If not, I put it back.


You could be my new "R"!!!!   Smiley Happy   

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Re: I cobbled together my own lounge wear...

I have always loved the word "cobbled," just makes me feel relaxed whenever I read it in a novel or even on a Fashion Board.  You look spectacular!!!

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