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Re: I bought a slip today

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@ID2 wrote:

Wearing a slip is like wearing nylons. A thing of the past.

@ID2, modesty never goes out of style.  If you wear dresses and skirts and you don't mind that everyone can see through them, good for you.  I don't dress that way. 

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No, not tricot.


I'm thinking it had an acetate-taffeta feeling, but maybe mixed with nylon?


It was non-static, sort of crisp.


Check back in about a week.


I have a bin of slips, and other misc. clothing/accessory items, etc. somewhere, possibly upstairs or in my attic.


'I'm just not in the mood' to look.


I apologize for even mentioning this fabric at this time.


Acetate does ring a bell, and it could be a Trademarked blend with another fabric such as Nylon, etc. 

Defininely no cling or static.  No wrinkles.  Sort of crisp nylon, with the feel of smooth, lightweight taffeta, if that makes any sense. 


Check back in about a week. 


Maybe the word/name will 'pop' into my mind.


I've been reciting the alphabet from A to Z.  Most often, the word eventually 'pops up'.



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