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If only I was much younger!


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It's easy to see why you love this gown!  What a stunner!!!

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That gown is just gorgeous.  It has such a romantic, yet sexy appeal.  Why can the designers for the red carpet not learn that this is much better looking than the trash they are designing now.

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OMGoodness.......Stunningly beautiful.  


And both sides of the family would love seeing this wedding gown.


Romantic, yet not too-too revealing. 


Just 'perfect', imo.

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Yes, a beautiful Cinderella dress!

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That is a beauty, sigh. 🥰

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It's lovely. I like that it's off the shoulder but all of her cleavage isn't hanging out.

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I think with so many of us like it; it shows there’s some of a little girl in all of us who’d like to wear a ‘princess’ dress...if only we were young(er).  Ha!

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Like a dream!  Made better by being a little pink.