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@jojo12 wrote:

I agree with all you said about Rachel. I used to like her, not sure what happened but she is just plain annoying to listen to.   I find it difficult to listen to her as she drones on and on.  I find her voice annoying and don't like her doing the Kim Gravel shows. I miss Courtney with Kim.   I won't even get into her food shows with Alberti!  Can't watch either of them.

@jojo12 .. I know a person can't change their voice but I find some irritating.  Rachael is sort of nasally and high pitched.  Courtney's is kind of Kardashionish.  I usually don't watch either one.  It's  not just QVC hosts but any TV commentator.  It's funny because I don't  find men's voices annoying.  Not sure why.

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I prefer Courtney over Rachel.  Rachel has become so dominating and she seems to think she knows more about Kim's clothes than Kim.  This is the impression I get.

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@usffan wrote:
I was wondering why they took Courtney Khondabi away from Saturday night Belle Now show. I’ve never seen Courtney on QVC 2 either. No longer doing Friyay with Jane either. I guess they like to mix it up.

Either of those two are too much for me...grab for the remote....sorry Belle

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Love reading all the different complaints...😂