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Re: I Love Leah!

@Chrystaltree wrote:

Leah is the best!  She's a natural, she doesn't have to resort to jokes and weird hairdos and ridiculous storytelling.  I didn't see that show but you can never go wrong with a white shirt or white tea.  For me, it's over jeans or black leggings.  The drama is in my shoes/bags/jewelry.

I agree @Chrystaltree - Leah doesn't constantly talk about her personal life - kids, vacations, etc - like certain other hosts do.  She talks more about the product than herself. 

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Re: I Love Leah!

I agree, I really enjoy Leah.  She has a nice persona about her.   She looks so good, does anyone know how she lost all her weight?  (I am not on FB)   What a great job she did though I think she should stop now as I worry she might lose too much!   She is beautiful.

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Re: I Love Leah!

Leah is always lovely.