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In the past, i had trifocals in small frames without a problem. 

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Sun glasses are different - I wasn't referring to them.

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Somehow for me I think large frames on sunglasses can look good. In regular with clear lense I somehow look like a mouse. Strange but when I was trying on frames for new glasses that's exactly what I saw in the mirror...a mouse!


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I was just looking at a picture of my mom back in the 70's wearing those large sunglasses, too big for me but she looked beautiful in her resort wear.


I personally stopped wearing the narrow frames for my readers but I would say the Prive Revaux are the biggest I can go.

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Personally, I don't like & wear huge frames on my readers. I think it looks a bit odd, but if others like it so be it. I prefer larger sunglasses. 

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I'm not a big fan of oversized glasses.  They do look good on some people, but like any kind of shape, it's not flattering on everyone.  I only use glasses for reading, and unless the readers are made with the prescription in the bottom part of the lenses only, you are forced to wear them pushed down on the nose. I stick with smaller frames for my reading glasses, but I'll go big pretty with sunglasses. 

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@Camille1936. Everything was exaggerated in the '80s. Hair, shoulders, and glasses!

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I have small face,  so big sunglasses are not for me.  I wear them smaller.  I also have prescription sunglasses, so I don't have to buy.  But big sunglasses belong on big faces.  On average faces usually are bigger then mine.  So I guess that's why they make so many.  Also many Asian faces can't wear them.  If you look at the sunglasses out there, you'll see many more options then the huge glasses QVC sells.  

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I've been wearing huge frames for yrs.i think they r stylish,modern,ect.matter of fact,u could almost say im obsessed and have several colors in each his own is my theory