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What does everyone think?  I know they are the current style but i don't quite understand why a woman would want to cover half their face with ginormous eyeglasses!  Heavy, dark eyebrows are a trend also but often are hid by the glasses so that seems to be contradictory. Also, the large amount of lens below the eye often magnifies the wrinkles or bags underneath the eyes. Additionally, most appear to be plastic and I know, as a lifetime eyeglasses wearer, that those have to be heavy. I chose my titanium frames because they are extremely lightweight and would never go back to heavy glasses. 


I know it's a trend and i don't have to like it and it will certainly have an expiration date as all style trends do - I am just having a really hard time understanding this one. I don't see the appeal except that it's something different. 

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@VancouverUSAgal Doesn't bother me at all. To each her own. I don't worry about eyeglass frame sizes!

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Im not "worried" - just curious!

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@VancouverUSAgal -

I pretty much agree with everything you said. Though I have a friend who wears large red glasses and I think she looks great in them.

If I wore really large ones I would look like Mickey Mouse. I do like the colors people wear but I think plastic frames are uncomfortable and get hot and heavy and slide.

Some people do look good in them depending on their face frame and others look ridiculous. But it is fun to see all the colors esp when someone gets it right!

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I wore them back in the 60’s.  I don’t wear glasses much these days.


My eyes actually got better as I’ve gotten old(er).


I found some from the past recently.  I put them on and said “Who the heck are you?”

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Not only are the glasses big but they're thick and heavy looking.  They look even more ridiculous than they did last time big glasses were in style 25 or more years ago.  When you look at a person wearing them, all you see are GLASSES not the face. 

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Well I usually have an opinion on fashion items I see. Actually on anything I see. As for the large glasses I think they are an unattractive fashion statement.

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Depends on the need for the glasses. Indoor readers I like small frames, especially to carry in a purse. For outdoor glasses, where my eyes are extremely sensitive to sun or glare I like a large frame with a dark tint or transition.

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When worn mostly on the end of the nose with head tilted down and eyes looking up and over them they look particularly unattractive and like a "look at me" grab. 

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Even though I usually wear contacts, my glasses and sunglasses are big!  I hated those tiny granny glasses from the past. I think big glasses look more fun and youthful.