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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

My mom loved to sew and, once upon a time, I could buy any clothing item I wanted and she would alter it to fit me perfectly.  I was spoiled.   Since mom passed, I've taken items to be altered, paid big bucks, and they were ruined.  So, now I buy items that fit me perfectly in the store, or I don't buy them at all.  To answer your question, I don't take anything to be altered, no matter the cost.

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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

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@tototwo that sucks, doesn't it? My mom used to sew too (made all our clothes growing up) and could alter just about anything.  If she couldn't do it, my aunt (her older sister) who was an impeccable seamstress, could. Now it's hard to find people (at least in my area) who do that quality of work. 

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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

I don't buy anything that needs altered any more but if I did I would expect to pay going rate.


I purchased a dress once at a upper scale store and had it altered but included with service.  It did make a difference on fit.  


Jeans now come in short length so no need to hem anymore and I use to do myself.  I don't sew either but managed.  But I use to take my dress pants and have altered.  

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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

Many years ago I suffered a health event, lost a great deal of weight.


I took several of my best outfits to be altered, it wasn't easy.  It was pulling in a waist & adjusting the shoulders.


I didn't want to buy a new set of clothing in the smaller size, after treatment I eventually got back to my regular size.   Took over a year.


But back then, 1990s, most of my clothing was fitted & I had a job as a supervisor, felt I needed to dress the part. It wasn't casual like today.


I went from a size 12 to a small 8


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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

I rarely will pay full price for anything. 95% of the time, I'll wait for a sale. If I miss something - not a big deal.  


Most of my alterations are removing side seam pockets from knit pants and shortening legs and sleeves. For most woven fabrics, I can do it myself.  


I have no issue paying for alterations.  I totally understand the work involved ... and it's worth payng someone for alterations that I can't handle myself.


(One of the advantages of buying my chinos at LandsEnd - you can have them hemmed to order at no charge.)

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Re: How much are you willing to spend for a perfect fit?

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@Andreatoo wrote:

What if the garment was purchased at a deep discount? Then how much?

The subject came up this morning when I took in some jeans to be hemmed. One was a standard hem job but the other one is much more labor-intensive. They are a quality pair of denim and it's worth it to me to get the proper fit/length. 
If I buy a quality piece of clothing at a ridiculously low price I don't expect to pay a ridiculously low price to get it to fit me properly. I'm willing to spend for a tailored fit. 
Seems reasonable to me but apparently there are those that if they spend a little for some thing expect to spend just a little for the alteration.


How do you feel about that?

@Andreatoo   That's a great question. I've had to have most of my clothing altered. Even wearing petites, they're for 5'4" and under...I'm under by almost 3". Sleeves are too long. I purchase regular sizes in pants, jeans since have to hem anyway. 


I'm most particular about my jeans...want the original hem removed, jeans hemmed and the original bottom replaced. Confusing? I've found several tailors here who automatically hem expensive jeans that way. 


I'm willing to pay a lot for alterations on my basic clothing pieces which are more expensive...blazers, jackets, coats, pants/jeans. I keep them for a long time, so a good fit is worth the price of the items and alterations to have them look well.