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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

@Ko wrote:

Reviews rule for me - any item.

I read ONLY the negative reviews as I find them to have an opinion I'm more interested in than the IT WAS GREAT type of review.

@Ko   i find the negative reviews are often written by people with an "attitude" or are not bright enough to understand the product.  Unless they can intelligently state their case, I ignore them.  Any review should state the facts and evaluate the product objectively, disregarding customer service issues like packaging or slow shipping.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

I have to survive my need to buy something.  LOL   I may be very easily sold  but I also have a desire not to have to return the product... too many issues.  So I check and over check reviews from the Q AND I MIGHT ADD IF IT IS A NATIONAL  BRAND.  I go on Amazon and check it out. I have been saved so many times.  


The reviews are my voice of reason.... and a chance to stop and make good decisions.  


I have save lots of money and lots ot time by checking first. 

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

@Andreatoo wrote:

When it comes to clothing, to me, not that much but restaurants and skin care? I definitely pay attention. Fashion is personal and quite subjective, especially if it's a line I frequently purchase. Of course whether an item runs small or large is good to know but most websites now state sizing in the general information; you don't really need to read every single review

A friend of mine always hones in the negative reviews even when the overall rating is 4.5!!


When trying something new I can always come here for feedback on the vendor Woman Wink

@Andreatoo  I hate , hate, hate returning things, so I read as many reviews as I can. It's not perfect, but if there are too many negative reviews I have to think twice. I loathe assembling things , so if too many reviews say assembly is difficult, it's an immediate pass.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

If they are available, I always look at reviews. I  do find them useful particularly for shoes and fashion.  the seller may say runs generously, but runs big where?  Bust, waist, hips or arms? That is what I am looking for in the reviews.  Looking at videos and pictures is also informative.  Shoes, I need wide toe box.  Many wide shoes are wide in the heel, which I can't wear.  I look for these things in the reviews.  The seller won't tell you.  Like other posters, I do loook at the negatives first, not because they are a dealbreaker, but to see if they have the same concerns I have.  Saves time deliberating.  QVC items don't have that many reviews, but say I am shopping Amazon for an item with hundreds or more reviews, and there are other similar items at similar prices, I will look at 4 stars and above.  With regards to fashion items, Amazon descriptions are not always accurate.  That is why they have an option to report inaccurate descriptions.  I love the pictures, and always look at them.  I am thankful for the reviewers!!!!  Very helpful. 

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

I do read reviews to look for common issues with an item; however, so many reviewers seem to have been rewarded for giving a positive review.  

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

Great question.  I try to read reviews on most "I want it" purchases.  I do read the lowest first, however, I tend to give more credence to a 4 star review if most reviews are positive.  I find the 4 stars may bring up some issue that one can deem as important or not to them.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

I always read reviews no matter what the product is. I read the negative ones first.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

I take fashion reviews with a grain of salt. Unless multiple reviewers complain about the same issue, a design flaw for example, then I'll consider the review. But I find that a lot of negative reviews are for very subjective reasons. I wonder if a lot of the reviews that say a garment runs small are because the reviewer is not honest about what size she really needs. Even when people complain about the quality, that too is a matter of personal taste.And don't get me started on reviewers who don't even purchase an item but post negative comments on how it appears on TV.  Everyone has their own opinion. FWIW, I've only returned a handful of items in the 25 years I have been shopping with QVC. I'm generally satisfied with almost everything I have purchased from them.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

Yes I definitely read the reviews because I care that the fabric in the throws " sheds " or that the sweater bags like crazy or is mismatched in the design seam.


So many times I have decided against something ( e.g.,clothing, kitchen items, etc.) because someone took the time to tell me exactly what bothered them.  I don't care how great the discount is if the item will cause me a problem.


I appreciate all those who share meaningful information in the effort to assist others.  Attitude usually comes across quickly in responses: those I ignore.

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Re: How important are the reviews to you?

Reviews for clothes are very important to me.  I want to know their weight, bust measurement,  the size they ordered and how it fit.  Definitely height if jeans or pants.

To me "True to size" doesn't help.


For everything I usually read the a few of the best, mid-range and bad reviews.