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the picture of the models in number 1, 4 and 5  are okay if you like tight skinny jeans,


the picture of the models in number 2 and 3 look like the jeans are painted on.  Way too tight and not a good look.

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I think they look like they shrank in the laundry.



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Personally - if your clothes are too tight - it looks like you've gained weight and can't afford to buy new clothes.

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For the young girls, they're fine. If you have lumps and bumps showing, they're too tight.

What is considered "tight" has changed with skinny jeans, leggings and jeggings. Too many mature women think since they're the style, they can wear them no matter.

If you watch the Diane Gilman show models, you will see all sizes and shapes wearing her skinny jeans. Every lump and bump is showing, and they push no matter your figure, you can wear the skinnies..

It's obviously not true.

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Re: How Tight is Too Tight?

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So only younger women are thin?? Wow...


They make all kinds of jeans. To each their own.

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I like tight straight leg jeans and I am 60+, I do not like the pink ones, fabric appears too thin for jeans. 

Hosts and models often wear the shirts and jackets a size or two Smaller than they need.

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All look too tight...uncomfortable and ill-fitting...I don't care how thin you are (just because you can, etc.).   First and third pic might look okay with a tunic.

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I like skinny jeans on the young - teens, twenties, but these are too tight.  I would have worn sknny jeans if they had been around when I was young, but just a tad looser than these. I see something funny in the pink jeans.  If you look at her knees, it looks like little faces! 

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They are all tighter than I would wear, but for young women, they probably are ok. My preference of them is the third down, due to the length. The rest all look like floods, to me.
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It's been a long time............................ If you see this..... they are too tight



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