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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

Some are cute and some are far too old fashioned looking. I can't see doing much housework in them. Maybe laundry. 

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

I wear dresses all the time at home. I tend to wear maxi/midi dresses/sundresses in the warme weather. Athleta always carries some cute and functional sweatshirt style dresses in the winter. 

Even when doing housework, I've always found dresses more comfortable. Perhaps it comes from wearing a dress (uniform) all through school!

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

Okay, the dresses pictured....Straight Outta Little House of the Prairie.  

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

this is the closest that i get to a "housedress."


barefoot dreams make some nice caftans in different materials and different lengths. some of them also make great beach/pool coverups.




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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

Some of them.look like Jane Austin days.  I don't like dresses nor skirts. I'm an active woman... that type of clothing would inhibit movement.  I think that was the idea back then.

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

The white hippie wedding dress is considered a house dress? 😆

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

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What? These are all very "Little House on the Prairie"! 🤣🤣 I might try the trend if the dress was remotely attractive... But probably not, because I own only 1 dress that I've only worn twice in last 30 years!  I live in bootcut leggings and shorts in summer- Works for me. 

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Re: Housedresses Replacing Sweats?

A lot of it is a nod to the 80's.  Especially with the different sleeve styles.


Some you posted are not that bad.


I was looking for ideas online.   Saw puff, pleated, tucked, ballooned, and bell sleeves. Some with wide shoulders. Lots of be-ribboned, corseted, bowed, and peplumed waistlines. There were Unit looking knit jumpsuits and a ton of romantic flowy floral dresses with sweetheart necklines too.


I wear a lot of leggings and dresses in the Summer.   Texas gets so hot that Satan calls every year and asks for his weather back.


I did a collage with some new 2021 looks on the top row,  and my moms old 80's Dynasty Nolan Miller patterns are on the bottom. They are almost identical!  Smiley LOL


80's are back.jpg