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Recently ordered HIH bootcut, Heard rave reviews from the brand once offered HSN. Having NYDJ along with other premium quality had high hopes for this brand. Concept if excuted properly dream come true, alas epic fail, reading the reviews several agree. Size is off! Not merely one size several. Tummy area non supportive, Not a good look for anyone, Making tummy appear larger. Laurie herself while presenting skinny jeans you can't down size to, Much?!? Wow. Whiskers on the front to large making the wearer look wider. Think if you are very slim wouldn't pose a problem, I'm Not that body type. I'm comfortable with my size dress accordingly. Reading the reviews especially skinny jeans,, iam glad held off ordering. Feel this brand has great deal to offer women, Enjoy Laurie herself. But! The obvious sizing along with fabrication needs addressing. On a positive note! Skinny2 slim bootcut highly recommend. Right now, Qvc has buy more save plus two ezpays. Design makes you look slim. Concerning sizing, I sized up one, wear petite 5"5 length perfect, never wear heels. You can see the video decide which length is best for you. Qvc if you read this? Please reorder more.