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Last night during the Logo show Shawn put on so many of one of Lori's tops that were way to small for her.  I cant believe they are so hung up on numbers.  Just plain silly.

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I don't care about other peoples size. I care about mine ,and getting a proper fit. How other sizes, fit other people  ,is only relevant to the person wearing that size

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I can believe that a couple of them are really a size XXS, like Courtney, Amy, Kerstin, but Shawn should probably wear a S, not even an XS.....She is much more busty than some of the other hosts wearing an XXS....


Just because you do, doesn't mean you should! I couldn't be so hung up on sizing to wear something that is too small for me and ill fitting, just to say its a Small....... Crazy!

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I find it helpful to know what size a host is wearing.  QVC tops run a couple of sizes large IMO, so just take their XXS declarations with a grain of salt.

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They can be a extra, extra, extra small all they want to be and welcome to it

I want to be able to eat and enjoy one of life's pleasures cooking and eating.

Size 'L' for me, please, and thank you.

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It's called "Vanity" sizing, everyone shopping at QVC knows the truth. Yes, helpful seeing a model similar to your size, always check garment specs. 

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Must be difficult shopping for XXS except for at the Q maybe.  I never see that size in the stores (or 0's for that matter).

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If you listen to the hosts, many of them give you there size and state it's their QVC size. That's not what they wear out in real world sizing.


There was a former host who always said she wore an XS or S in Q clothing.  But once she left, anytime she posted photos on her social media and people asked about her clothing and the sizing, she was always wearing a medium and in some things said she had to size up to a large.   

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They work in the fashion industry, they appear on tv and I think that makes some of the size obssessed and overly consious about something that doesn't make difference to QVC shoppers.  It amuses me, it doesn't bother me.  Most of them wear their clothing a size too small anway.  It does amuse me when they stress that I'm wearing an xs because that's all they have but I REALLY wear an xxs.  LOL   Because heaven forbid, somone should think they are a big fat xs.  LOL  

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Not to sound too cavalier but anyone can put on a Q's loaded with spandex!

It's pretty obvious when you see the size range of those claiming to wear it.

It means squat...