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Suggesting that today's TSV pj's be worn on an airplane is only encouraging sloppy appearance and inappropriate attire. Who would wear those pj's out in public? The host should at least suggest something realistic.  

DH and I have flown several times in the past year and sad to say, people do wear this sort of clothing and believe it or not, even worse. 


I remember the first plane ride I took in 1966.  Wore panty hose, a skirt, etc., etc.  While that was the other extreme, many people these days dress like slobs.

I remember those days too.  One always "dressed up" to go on a plane, to the theatre, downtown, out do dinner, TO TEACH SCHOOL, to go to church, I could go on and on.  So many people look so disheveled over the last bunch of years. How did this happen?Don't tell me inflation or lack of money.  My parents both came from meagher households and they ALWAYS dressed nicely.  I love to look at old photos...

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Re: Host monologue

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And wear those PJs to the theater too.  Yeah right.  

Oh I love when the one hosts keeps saying to wear things to the theater. I personally have never been to the theater, and I'll bet most QVC buyers haven't either.It's just not my cup of tea, give me a good book. You made me laugh!!


My husband and I were huge theater goers - in Pittsburgh and other cities including Broadway. Dress by some is definitely more casual but not this bad lol.

And by the way - I've always been a huge reader - my husband too.  We also loved going to the movies, sports games - all types, concerts, etc.